Aldo El-Jatib
Director of the Theater Laboratory Group "EL RAYO MISTERIOSO"

Aldo El-Jatib is an actor, author, pedagogue, director and theatrical investigator. After graduating from the National School of Dramatic Art of Buenos Aires, he founded and directed TAIET (Theatrical Research and Experimentation Workshop) for ten years. He has given workshops, seminars and conferences in Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Germany and Mexico, and in Argentina he has received students from more than ten countries, as well as directed several theatrical publications and participated in various theater festivals in nine countries. He is the author and director of productions like "Litófagas" (1985), "Rarg" (1991), "Cirujas" (1995), "Muz" (1997), "Ram" (2000), "Macchina Napoli" "La Consagración de las Furias" (2004), "Dionisos Aut" (2009), "Shock Ilión" (2012) and "El fabuloso mundo de la tía Betty" (2015). He is currently director of the International Festival "Experimenta Teatro" and works on a research project together with the Theater Laboratory Group "EL RAYO MISTERIOSO", which he directs.

Aldo El-Jatib is an actor, author, pedagogue, director and theatrical investigator. Born in Rosario in 1956. After graduating from the National School of Dramatic Art in Buenos Aires in 1982, he presents "Inventario", a self-created show about texts by Jacques Prèvert, in which he directs and acts, performing 250 functions, first In Buenos Aires, and after being resurrected four times it is presented with numerous functions in Spain, XIV FITEI (Portugal) and Rosario. In October 1983, he made a call with the proposal to tackle a dramatic work and once consolidated the human group began work to present in August 1984 "Tango Cero-Dos" with his authorship and direction. Of the 14 members of the cooperative that was then, only 7 of them made the decision to continue together in the next work. This led to the creation of the TAIET Group, which was founded and directed by Aldo El-Jatib for ten years, during which time the Group develops activities in the field of Research and Experimentation in Theater and Anthropology. Aires), where workshops and seminars were given, lectures by invited teachers, the publication of several theatrical publications and performances in various provinces of Argentinas and European cities. Throughout the 10 years of the TAIET Group, having performed shows such as "Tango Cero Dos", "Litófagas" and "Rarg", and created the previous projects of "ÍCARO" ("Manzanas Doradas - Teatro Laboratorio Granja" y "La Caixa dels Trons"), Aldo El-Jatib Amato acquires the knowledge that gives the experience and that with the contribution of the researches and theoretical and practical studies carried out, it becomes the construction of the work dynamics itself. He was member in 1985 of the Directive Committee of the Movement "Teatro Abierto", next to Osvaldo Dragún and Villanueva Cosse, among others. There, together with TAIET, he carries out an anthropological research on "Los Chicos de la Calle". In 1988 he took the position of "Professor of Methodology of Acting II", of the career of Theater Theology at the National School of Theater and Puppets of the city of Rosario. He has given workshops, seminars and conferences in various cities of Argentina, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Germany and Mexico, and participated in various National and International Congresses and Festivals. His work "Litófagas" wins the "NATIONAL THEATER PRIZE" at the National Theater Festival held in Mendoza in November 1993. He returned to Argentina in 1994, after having resided for five years in Europe with the TAIET Group, and founded in the city of Rosario the Laboratory Group of Theater "EL RAYO MISTERIOSO", with which over 22 years he has created , coordinated and directed activities such as Laboratorio Teatral, the Editorial "Truenos y Misterios", with which he publishes 2 theater books: "Teatro Conflicto & Hechicería" and "El Secreto de Dionisos"; The award-winning Journal of Theater Theatrical Research, Teatro, Truenos & Misterios and the monthly newsletter of the Proyect Ícaro. Her performances of authorship and her own production have been presented in half a hundred cities in 10 countries ((Litófagas, Cirujas, Muz, Ram, Mujer con Espejo, Rouge y Botas, Pleurotus Fulminaris, Macchina Napoli, La Consagración de las Furias, Dionisos Aut, Shock Ilión y El fabuloso mundo de la tía Betty ), and in major European and Latin American Festivals. Other activities currently being carried out: Theater Workshops, Alternative Theater Room, Proyect Ícaro, Experimenta Theatre International Meeting of Groups and the Experimental Seminar for Surpassing the Actor, events these last two that have had participants from Argentina, Chile, Colombia , Uruguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, United States, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Romania and Germany. "EL RAYO MISTERIOSO" received the "ARGENTORS AWARD 2002" Valuable Example of New Theatrical Trends.