Direction: Aldo El-Jatib

Laboratory Theatre Group “EL RAYO MISTERIOSO” is nowadays one of the highest examples in theatrical investigation in Argentina and other countries in the world.


El Rayo's Experimental School is a space for research and theatrical training, its pedagogical team consists of 3 professors and 4 assistants, all of them members of “EL RAYO MISTERIOSO”, including the Group's Founder and Director Aldo El-Jatib. 
The technical method is inspired in the works of Constantin Stanislavski, Vsevolod Meyerhold, Antonin Artaud and Jerzy Grotowski, enriched by “EL RAYO MISTERIOSO”'s 23 years of investigation. 
The main purpose of the school is the preparation and development of the actor's expressive capacity. A pedagogical alternative whose program includes Acting Lessons, Theatre Theory and Psychophysical Training. A constant development and technical training for the actor.



Summer Course
The aim is to introduce the student to the work of incorporating techniques in order to achieve Concentration and Stage Presence, essential elements for developing the actor's work. This is also an evaluation period to admit the student into the School, giving them access to the following Regular Annual Course.

Regular Annual
The levels of the Regular Annual Course are: BEGGINERS, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED. The main goal is learning how to incorporate text, preparation and incorporation of new elements that facilitate energetic unblocking, developing expressiveness with a comprehensive criteria, that is, the actor's body as a psychophysical individuality. Composition of Characters, making scenes from several authors and theatrical genres, in all the different Levels.


ENBIOM ( Bioenergetic Training of Movement): It stimulates and develops cognitive, motor and rhythmic aspects; skills of flexibility, balance, agility, coordination, strength and resistance; and essentially it trains the energetic and motor dissociation, necessary for the Actor or Dancer's preparation. Coordination. Dissociation. Space. Will. Discipline. Joints. Impulse/Attenuation. Speed. Accuracy. Energetic continuity in motion. Path. Directionality of energy. Occupation of space. Styles: Eagle, Dragon, Crane, Leopard, Mantis, Butterfly, Monkey, Snake and Tiger.

Methodology of the Stage Presence: Focusing on amplifying the actor's expressive capacities, it develops the senses, sensation, perception, self-knowledge, emotion, imagination, sound and rhythm. Tension/Relaxation. Cathartic energy. Attention. Concentration. Emotion. Sound. Ecstatic experience and catharsis. Attention Fields for concentration. Stage Presence. Perceptive transduction. Perception. Creative discipline. Action/Reaction. Quotidian and Extra-quotidian. Presentation. Creation of Public Solitude. Psychic Hygiene and Expression. Construction of the Graceful Action.

Established Improvisation. Objective: Developing of the Role in a dramatic situation, incorporating techniques for achieving Concentration and Stage Presence. 
INTERMEDIATE-ADVANCED: Naturalistic Scene with texts from Argentine or foreign authors; Comedy, Farce or Theatre of the Absurd. Objective: Development of character approach and Scene extraction with the technique of El Rayo Misterioso.

Composition and Staging:  Graceful Action. Production. Objective: Incorporation of El Rayo Misterioso's acting technique.. Process of production and realization of a show. Incorporation of the practical sense of artistic work dynamics.

Ethics and Aesthetics: Different ways of addressing the theatrical fact. Method and Aesthetic. Realism, Naturalism, Surrealism, Expressionism, Existentialism, Theatre of the Absurd, Dada, the Panic, the Happening, the Laboratory Theatre. Concept of Group. Dynamics of the Theatre Group. History of the main Theatre Groups: Methods and Shows. Ethics as a Construction of the Dynamics. Dynamics as a Construction of the Aesthetic. Means of Production and Survival. Projection and Continuity. 
Evolution of Physical Actions: Stanislavski. Meyerhold (Biomechanics). Grotowski (Negative Way). Artaud (Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy). El Rayo Misterioso (Graceful Action). Theatre and Quantum (Ghostly Theatre).

The School takes part in the expressive problems and difficulties that come up from the contact with dramaturgy and extra-quotidian actions, with ambitious tests needed in the work process. 
Both for beginners and advanced students, the proposal presents texts of several times and characteristics (Cossa, Lorca, Genet, Ionesco, Williams, Strindberg, Chéjov, Molière, etc.), giving the working system a solid and committed basis.

The person signing up as a student in “El Rayo's Experimental School”, automatically joins the system of “El Rayo's Partners”, receiving the following benefits: Free entry to all of the shows scheduled at the “Teatro del Rayo” Theatre Hall; free Film Projections each Wednesday, and special sales at “El Rayo's Cafe”. Discount in several Independent Theatre Halls in Rosario; prizes and monthly discounts in many local shops. Besides, at their disposal is one of the most completed theatrical libraries in the city (1000 books) and a video library with over 600 titles. What's more, they also have at hand the facilities, dressing-rooms and theatre hall, for the extra works that may be required outside the course's schedule. 
The person who would like to join as a student in El Rayo's School, must fulfil the following requirements: to be over 18 years old, fill out an application, personal interview with the coordinator, and pay registration and fee.


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