With the Nº 0 edition of the Theater Research Magazine "THEATER, TRUENOS & MISTERIOS" in January 1995, the Group considers the possibility of having an editorial space to channel the need for research and expression in the group's search. The Editorial "TRUENOS & MISTERIOS", officially opened appears in April 1999. In these years it has made the uninterrupted edition of the magazine since 1995 and the edition of 3 books on theatrical technique and theory written by Aldo El-Jatib. The Magazine was selected for the Promotional Plan for the Edition of Magazines 2001 of the Ministry of Culture and Communication of the Nation. "Premio Teatro del Mundo 2001 y 2012" given by the Center for Research in History and Theater Theory of the Cultural Center "Ricardo Rojas" (National University of Buenos Aires, Argentina).




Award-winning Magazine published since 1995, available by single numbers, "Los Laboratorios" Collection (13 issues)