2017. 254 Pages, Cover 4 Colors, 21 x 14 cm. ISBN: 978-987-21013-1-2


By Aldo El-Jatib

Methodology of the Stage Presence in the Laboratory Theatre Group “El Rayo Misterioso”


This book is an attempt to highlight the complicated dynamics that implies to develop a method of work for the hard job of acting. In this case, to try and describe the process we are going through with the Laboratory Theatre Group “El Rayo Misterioso” and as a way to clarify the succession of searches -both personal and collective- I’ve decided to add at the beginning -for its horrifying current relevance- the preface of my first book and the four manifestos written between 1986 and 1999. These first writings, far away in time, were attempts to arrange what was it that I wished for and dreamed of at the beginning of a process of theatrical research. Fundamental ideas and thoughts for the entire exploration journey of this art. Critical reaffirmations to purify what I honestly didn't wanted, kind of a dialogue with myself to clear the way of this aesthetic adventure. Also, in order to relieve all the theory -although in words- I have included two conferences and six master-class, giving from the technical point of view a more practical vision, described and illustrated with demonstrations from the actors members and from the space itself. Everything exposed tries to combine theory and practice, exercises, methods, that originate from a way of thinking and living theatre, taking the actor as one of the essential factors in the construction of theatrical phenomenon. Aldo El-Jatib

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