2003. 265 pages, cover 4 colors, 14 x 21 cm, bound by hand by "El Rayo Misterioso".


By Aldo El-Jatib

Second book of Aldo El-Jatib, published independently by "El Rayo Misterioso". Prefaced by Rómulo Berruti and Introduction by Julio Cejas, its 265 pages delve into the signifiers of spectacular symbol and open paths to the work of the actor´s technique. With a very special way of narrating, this novel may be of interest not only to the specialist, but also to all those men and women interested in culture and human values.

"This book was written by a man of the theater, Aldo El-Jatib. And its content aims not only to reveal dreamlike images -for both emerged from the depths of the unconscious- but also provide a key to know what "El Rayo Misterioso", his theater group, is. This book is a travelogue set in several dimensions. The most earthly and identifiable dictated by his memory about the sites he met. Another, which condenses in the fantasies of the fabrics of the great painters whose illusory geographies are flown and overflown (one thinks of Baron Munchhausen). But there is a third dimension wich is the interior itinerary of El-Jatib, perhaps he split his other self Uriel to travel with pleasure and pain, with frights and sensualities the path leading to Knowledge capitalized."

"This book is an invitation for those who feel lost in so comfortable worlds, an invitation to get away from the traditional map where the routine becomes blinding, an attempt to start a journey into the unknown, that no place where we can find the key of things to come. Aldo El-Jatib, tireless explorer of the mysteries that lead to the theater as a higher form, betting Dionysian as an urgent alternative to eviscerate the fallacy of the Apollonian that today stain the foundations of our societies. Hence the need to revisit the "dead" and recover lost teachings, roads that transited angelic beings like Alfred Jarry, Antonin Artaud, Jerzy Grotowski, in one of the constants of the author who abhors that kind of tourist artist it is unable to challenge other laws other than the laws of physics. As in his previous book "Teatro Conflicto & Hechicería" El-Jatib retrieves the teachings of the masters that support their work as a teacher and theater researcher, raising the need for a radical change in "current ways of thinking in schools, shops and theaters."

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