Laboratory Theatre Group El Rayo Misterioso

First Release: March 7th 2004



Alecto: Ada Cottu. 
 María de los Ángeles Oliver. 
Tisífone: Maywa Vargas.
Pan: Exequiel Orteu.
Technical Operator: Sebastián Arriete.
Assistant Director
Catalina Balbi. 
Text, Dramaturgy and Direction: 
Aldo El-Jatib.
Length: 70 min.

“La Consagración de las Furias” is a dramatical treatise related to violence. Amplification of guilt in its many forms, is presented as the genesis of abandon, repetition, war and tdeath. The synthesis of evil lies within the apparently most developed specie.

This show has been presented since 2004 in 8 countries.


 "The disasters of war, chauvinism, obscurantism and violence of those in power are some of the subjects suggested through a language loaded with energy of gesture and voice. Amazing"
Antón Lamapereira, Magazine "Primer Acto", I/2004 (Spain)

“No Concessions”  "Provoking show based on the poetics of violence and the revision of the well known mythological figures like Erinyes or Eumenides, from which the Argentina company El Rayo Misterioso makes a particular reading of the Argentine reality from a critical vision. The aesthetic proposal in this assembly does not have concessions and is deliberately raw, but always centered in the body of the actor as the object material of work"
Roberto Perea, Bulletin Nº 984 of the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura, (Sep 2004, Mexico DF)


“The eternal return of the Furies that claim for our faults” (Score: 9 points)  
"Spectator will taste from the precise moment in which he is waiting in the entrance, a sounds and images alluvium that is not very often found in a conventional work. That soundtrack that will be absorbing him in a disturbing way and that will be accompanying him until the very moment at which he makes himself comfortable in the places prepared to dreaming. Of in plus the voracity of the scenes will follow one another uninterruptedly in a kind of wild carrousel that as an eddy will be shaking and projecting him towards the very center of the scene. And then this waterfall of actors suddenly flying at little inches of the public, this impunity whereupon the people of “El Rayo” usually appropriate of the scenic space by force of a work that they try to dignify. This is not usual in the theater halls of the world. And as people speak very little of these materials of which the fragile social net is knitted, or they prefer that others speak from a complaisant and sedative knowledge, here comes the theater or rather certain type from theater to get in the discussion. The decayed foundations of a social building -threatened from immemorial times by explosive charges so lethal or more than those of the terrorism that today is tried to being fought- would have to recompose with this clay"

Julio Cejas, Journal "Rosario/12", Sunday March 21th 2004 (Rosario, Argentina)

“Red Avenging Deities” (Score: maximum) "Gods have unchained the spell of the witches, and a kind of mythological eddy will impregnate with bloody red the retinas of spectators, who will become speechless in the presence of a sovereign manifestation of the ritual and theatrical fact. 'The Consecration of the Furies' is the culmination of a series of works arisen in the last decade as a research process of the group that has worked from the theater anthropology, maintaining at any moment and ethical-aesthetic statement that doesn't admit judgments. The torture and the imposition of a doctrine and a praetorian way of thought related with the childhood of the author, are some of the aspects portrayed with moving authenticity. In relation to the text, this time the classic absurd speeches are at the service of a space that lays on the spectral thing. Finally, the work of the actors is stirring, in particular their extremely tuned training that makes them able to maintain the demanding dynamics of the show during its 70 minutes of duration. The rigorous presence in scene of the director, contributor and mentor of a story that he in a way owns, makes of 'The Consecration of the Furies' a true prodigy."
Miguel Passarini, Journal "El Ciudadano", Sunday April 11st 2004 (Rosario, Argentina)


Photos: Marcelo Martínez Berger

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