1999. 174 pages, cover 2 Colors, 13,5x19,5cm. ISBN: 987-97499-0-1.


By Aldo El-Jatib

"... it's the reason that theatre as art won't be culture or won't be"

"Time is needed to enjoy the richness of such a strong poetic piece of art..."
"The text appears mysterious to me in the strong meaning of the word; the mysteries of being. This book helps to perform and to live"

Jean-Marie Pradier
(Chief of the University of PARIS 8's Theatrical Investigation Department)

"It is an hallucinated path through the personal experiences of this local theatrical visionary. He sinks in the story of an artistic generation signed by the double speech: authoritarism against liberation. It is there, in the destruction of traditional structures, in the iconoclastic and anarchical attitude, where his thought find a last coherence. Hoisting this grammar of dadaist reminiscences (althought, paradoxically neither the pieces of rumanian poet Tzara, nor the surrealist manifests of André Breton appears as part of the used biography) the revulsive author, actor and director of pieces such as Litófagas, Cirujas and Muz, analyses the relation between cotidianity and theatre, or better the performance as way of life. Remote militant of the advanced socialism, he early left politics for the poetry, a pass that blossoms in each of his pieces, always tinted with acid social criticism.

Fernanda González Cortiñas
(Newspaper Rosario/12 - April 14th 1999)

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