"From Thanksgiving to the Enchanting Ghost Effect"

Organice: Laboratory Theater Group “El Rayo Misterioso”

Direction: Aldo El-Jatib

Pedagogical Coordination: María de los Ángeles Oliver

Pedagogical Assinstance: Sebastián Arriete


Antecedents of the first Vanguards: Sturm und Drang and Romanticism. First Vanguards: The Meininger (the Group). Théatre Livre (the Staging). Alfred Jarry (The Dramatic Writing). Stanislavski (The Acting Technique).

Evolution of Physical Actions: Stanislavski. Meyerhold (Biomechanics). Grotowski (the Negative Way). Artaud (Archaic Techniques for Achieving Ecstasy). El Rayo Misterioso (Thanksgiving). Theater and Quantum (the Fantasmal Theater).


Antecedents of the First Vanguards: Sturm und Drang, "Storm and Momentum" (1770). Romanticism, Cromwell's Preface by Victor Hugo (1827).

First Vanguards: The Group: The Company of Meininger: Seat in the duchy of George II Duke of Sajonia-Meiningen (1874). The Staging: "The Théàtre Livre ": André Antoine (1887). The Fourth Wall. The Dramatic Writing: Alfred Jarry: "Ubú Rey" (1896). Absurd and Surrealism. The Acting Technique: Stanislavski: TAM "Theater of Art of Moscow" (1898).

Stanislavski: The Object of Attention. The emotion. Physical Actions.

Meyerhold: The Principle of Opposites. Biomechanics. The Principles of Negation-Alteration-Opposition.

Grotowski: Deductive Technique and Inductive Technique. The Negative Way. Fields of Attention and Scenic Score.

Artaud: The Arctic Techniques, Ecstasy. Primitive Cultures and their Symbolic Effectiveness. The Enchantment.

Thanksgiving: A Spectacular Actoral Score. Interpenetrate the Actor in the spectacular transit: Denial of Action. The Alteration of Balance. The Oppositions (search). The Minimization of Action.

Theater and Quantum: The Wave / Particle Duality. The Quantum Superposition. The Quantum Interlacing.

The Ghostly Theater: The Presentation of the Light. The Transportation of the Symbol. The Dramatic Physical Body and the Ghostly Vibratory Body.


Grupo Laboratorio de Teatro "EL RAYO MISTERIOSO"
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