"Training for the Acting Technique of El Rayo Misterioso"

Organice: Laboratory Theater Group“El Rayo Misterioso”

Direction: Aldo El-Jatib

Pedagogical Coordination: María de los Ángeles Oliver

Pedagogical Assistance: Sebastián Arriete


  • ENBIOM (Bioenergetic Movement Training) Stimulates and develops the cognitive, motor, and rhythmic aspects of flexibility, balance, agility, coordination, strength and endurance, and fundamentally trains the energetic and motor dissociation necessary for the preparation of the Actor or Dancer. Coordination. Dissociation. Space. Will. Discipline. Joints. Impulse / counter-impulse. Speed. Precision. Energy continuity in motion. Directionality of energy. Occupation of space. Styles: Eagle, Dragon, Crane, Leopard, Mantis, Butterfly, Monkey, Serpent and Tiger.
  • BIOENERGY TRAINING OF EXPRESSION: Focusing on the amplification of the actor's expressive capacities, it develops the senses, sensation, perception, self-knowledge, emotion, imagination, sound and rhythm. Tension / Relaxation. Cathartic energy. Psychic Hygiene and Expression. The Attention. Concentration. The emotion. Sound.
  • METHODOLOGY OF THE SCENIC PRESENCE: Fields of Attention for Concentration. Scenic Presence. Perceptual transduction. Perception. Creative discipline. Action Reaction. The presentation. Creation of public loneliness. The ecstatic experience and catharsis. Construction of Thanksgiving.






Grupo Laboratorio de Teatro "EL RAYO MISTERIOSO"
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