Laboratory Theater Group
"El Rayo Misterioso"

Group founded and directed since 1994 by Aldo El-Jatib

The Laboratory Theatre Group "EL RAYO MISTERIOSO" has as main objective to find new forms of theatrical expression and experimentation of the spectacular communication. It develops a Cultural Project with various activities such as production of shows, workshops and international seminars of theatre, edition of magazine and books and organization of annual "Experimenta Teatro", an international groups meeting. In 2002, it received the "Premio ARGENTORES 2002 Valioso Ejemplo de las Nuevas Tendencias Teatrales", of the General Society of Authors of Argentina. The next year it received the "Reconocimiento a la trayectoria 2003" by the Secretary of the Province of Santa Fe, and the "Premio Teatro del Mundo 2012 a la Revista Teatro Truenos y Misterios" of C.C.R. Rojas-Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires. In his 25 years of life, "EL RAYO MISTERIOSO" produced 17 shows with over 1,500 functions in the country and abroad. Five of them, "MUZ", "RAM", "LA CONSAGRACIÓN DE LAS FURIAS", "DIONISOS AUT" and "EL FABULOSO MUNDO DE LA TIA BETTY" were presented for 7 International Tours in cities from France, Spain, Italy, England, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Mexico, Brazil and Ecuador, with laudatory comments from the public and critics for its innovative and committed language. In 2014 the National Theater Cervantes gives the "Premio Maria Guerrero" to "EL RAYO MISTERIOSO".
Between 2011 and 2017, the group participated with its productions in International Festivals in 10 Argentine provinces, in Porto Alegre, Brazil and made three tours around Spain. In one of them, the show "EL FABULOSO MUNDO DE LA TIA BETTY" received the 1st Prize of the Jury at the MITEU of Ourense. In 2018, it participated in the Ibero-American Theater Festival of Bogotá, Colombia.