Grupo Laboratorio de Teatro El Rayo Misterioso

“Just like his successor, Jesus, Dionysus also ripped apart fanatic traditions and restrictive tyranny. He was the incarnated power of revolt and spiritual rebirth”
Paul Huson.
Dionysus is the door of imagination, intuition, the unsaid and therefore creation. He is held by four chains, his guardian is the collective unconscious of a society seduced by Apollo that governs with the weapons of entrenched lie. Dionysus is a system of forces that are in man and becomes God.
A. E. J.

Sebastián Arriete.
Ada Cottu.
Exequiel Orteu.
Victoria Guercetti.
Leticia Beux.

Technical Assistance: Iván Brodoloni.

Direction Assistance: Gianina Rodriguez.
Dramaturgy and Direction:
Aldo El-Jatib.
Duration: 60 min.


• “Experimenta 10 Teatro”

(Rosario, Dic. 2009)

• “Fiesta Provincial de Teatro” (Rosario, Mar. 2010)

• “25 Fiesta Nacional del Teatro”
(La Plata, Abr. 2010)

• “Festival Nacional de Teatro Rafaela” (Rafaela, Jul. 2010)

• “Encuentro Regional del Teatro del Bicentenario”  (Córdoba, Jul. 2010)

• “Festival Internacional de Teatro de la Integración y el Reconocimiento” (Formosa, Ago. 2010)

• “Festival Internacional de Teatro de Rosario” (Rosario, San Justo, Reconquista, Sep. 2010)

• “V Encuentro de Teatro del Cuerpo” 
(Paraná, Entre Ríos, Sep. 2010)

• “VI Jornadas de Arte y Transformación Social” 
(Rosario, Oct. 2010)

(Recife, Brasil - Enero 2011)


The consecration of the Dionysian  Score: 9 (nine). In its previous play, “La Consagración de las Furias”, El Rayo Misterioso achieved an exact synthesis of its own poetics, condensing its search and its thematic core. This endeavor is furthered in “Dionisos Aut”, stretching the poetic chord with a genuine frieze of moving images that suggest multiple and torn interpretations where an apocalyptic vision of humanity is at stake. It will stay amongst the most terribly beautiful images of this unfinished journey that is the descent into hell of our most recent history.
Julio Cejas, “Rosario 12” daily newspaper - October 18, 2009 - Rosario, Argentina.
True TheatreI have travelled 11.000 Km to come here, I have seen “Dionisos Aut” and I am overwhelmed. I assist 150 plays a year and since Peter Brook and Ariane Mnouchkine I have not seen something like it: True Theatre with an exceptional acting level”. Daniel Bedos, Director of “Printemps des Comédiens” (Montpellier, Francia) during the Encuentro Experimenta 10 Teatro - December 2009 - Rosario, Argentina.
Dionisos Aut amongst the best of the year. When everything seemed to indicate that El-Jatib had reached an aesthetic limit in his search with “La Consagración de las Furias” (2004-2005), his new spectacle confirms quite the opposite. Taking Greek mythology as a starting point but contrasting his poetics with contemporary discourses andcharacters, El-Jatib achieves another prodigious show in which he combines the solid training of the actors, the ideological clarity and the running of a stage arrangement that - in spite of its apparent simplicity – is multiplied on stage creating moving and shaking images.
Miguel Passarini, “El Ciudadano” daily newspaper - January 2, 2010 - Rosario.
El Rayo Misterioso brings a high-impact play from Rosario
El Rayo Misterioso, the notorious cast from Rosario, presented “Dionisos Aut”  a play written and directed by Aldo El-Jatib, in the National Theatre Festival. This play is part of the experimental tradition that the group has had since its birth in 1994. Based on Greek mythology, in a setting of high audiovisual impact in which sensitive images is combined with thundering sounds.
TELAM Agency - April 19, 2010 - La Plata, Argentina.
El Rayo Misterioso, a highlight in yesterday’s festival
The cast of “El Rayo Misterioso”, led by Aldo El-Jatib, has moved the audience last night with its stunning “Dionisos Aut”, on the second day of the Rafaela Theatre Festival 2010. In the crowded theatre of the Italian Society of the city’s Cultural Center, an overwhelmed audience sat perplexed by the awe-inspiring esthetic of the play. With powerful sounds and overhead lighting that transforms the characters posed on a ship into an archaic virtual phantasmagoria, the play’s cast delivers an astounding presence in which voices and physical attitude reveal an obvious expressive mastery.
TELAM Agency - July 16, 2010 - Rafaela, Argentina.

Empowerment of Imagination This play is transformed into a critique of capitalist society. Technically, the use of stage space, the movement of bodies and the gestures displayed by the players is simply impeccable. It is the result of the work known as “theater laboratory”, the manifestation of an art that tends towards the sublime.
María Florencia Forni, “La Opinión” daily newspaper - July 16, 2010 - Argentina.

May the celebration go on The sixth edition of FTR 2010 took place with excellent performances, such as the one that we experienced last night in the city’s Cultural Center. The distinctive and polemical group from Rosario “El Rayo Misterioso” presented their latest production “Dionisos Aut”, with an enormous concurrence from an audience that was captivated by the staging.
Castellanos daily newspaper’s special edition - July 16, 2010 - Rafaela.

Theater that marks a difference A perfectly achieved performance combined lighting in the right places and startling scenography. The acting was worthy of notice, as everyone had a definite presence on stage and an exquisite connection as a group that allowed for the finished product to be highly accepted by the assistants. That was the sensation that was experienced from below the stage. It was real. Costumes, makeup, lighting, sound, set, production and an excellent acting level gave the play the necessary ground so that the show could be perfectly enjoyed. 
Verónica Imoberdorf, Castellanos daily newspaper - July 16, 2010 - Rafaela, Argentina.

High-impact images. The meeting continues, with a second day in which prevailed again, the quality and diversity of works and where was the acclaimed “Dionisos Aut” by Aldo El-Jatib.The last production of the Grupo El Rayo Misterioso opened fire with his powerful presentation “Aut Dionisio,” director Aldo El-Jatib, once again achieves a drama with its known ability to create high-impact images pictorial associated to the text and whose magnitude and  flight has caused in Rafaela, as in every place where it occurs, the shock of the public.
Miguel Pasarini, newspaper “The Citizen”, Saturday July 17, 2010
A stunning show  “Dionisos Aut”, is a stunning and surprising show, that leaves you nailed to your seat, that doesn’t give you a single break during its hour of duration, and with actors with immense physical and vocal work. A great show that should be seen in Spain.  Etelvino Vazquez, Director of “Teatro del Norte”, Artez Magazine, Spain. January 2011

Dionisos Aut The work shocked me in all of my senses, priests and priestesses operating in mindblowing performance. Dionisos Aut by El Rayo Misterioso, is a ray to the intellect. There are shows that touch you directly, like a Ray to your Heart. 
Mario Delgado, Director of the Group “Cuatrotablas”, Perú. Magazine “Teatro, Truenos & Misterios”, March 2011.


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