In 1976 -Year of the Dragon- Argentina witnessed one of the greatest catastrophes of its History. A bunch of murderer monsters –military, oligarchs, bankers, landowners, businessmen– sank the country into the cruelest of nights, introducing a hellish technology with planned horrors. In the name of “National Security” and “Homeland Salvation”, they savagely kidnapped and tortured true innocents. They murdered them, stole their belongings and misappropriated their children. The Dragon has awaken in a society that is nostalgic for cruelty and injustice, planning with their management a complex system of illicitness, injustice, persecution, lies and repression.

LA MAGA: Leticia Beux.
LA VIEJA: Ada Cottu.
LAMÍMI: Victoria Guercetti.
EL ÑOMO: Iván Brodoloni.
PIRULO: Sebastián Arriete.
FIFÍ: Exequiel Orteu.

Technical Operator: Gianina Rodriguez.

Text, Dramaturgy y Direction: Aldo El-Jatib.
Duration: 60 min.



“La Orden del Dragón”, in the darkest of nights.
Score: 10
Aldo El-Jatib directs, in the framework of the 25 years of his group El RayoMisterioso,the thrilling show “La Orden del Dragón”. El-Jatib and his actors express scenes of a radical beauty and unusual lyricism that, at the same time, make use of the atrocious, the nonsense of death and the loss of essential values. Nudity reveals from its most pictorial side: the bodies are definitely poetic instruments, and the accuracy of the escapes conspire in favor of each one of the beautiful and terrifying scenes. The ideological clarity and the operation of a scenic device, along with the dramatic quality prevailing in the lighting stage design and the always shocking sound space, are permanent marks of the cruelest and darkest of nights in the History of Argentina.

El Ciudadano DailyNewspaper, Miguel Passarini, January 23rd 2019, Rosario, Argentina

Assemble time: 3 hours
Disassemble time: 2 hours
Stage space: Minimum space needed for staging: 8 mts. x 8 mts. x 5 mts. height. Black Box.Total darkness in stage must be possible to achieve.

Lightning and Sound Needs:
Lights: 12 ellipsoidal ETC Source 15°/30° 750 Watts with Iris and 3 PC 1000 Watts. Manually operated console table of lights of 18 channels minimum, with dimmers. Sound: Powerful enough to cover the whole room with high volume and good definition. Sound return on stage.

Other Requirements: Fog machine that is operated manually from the scene.

See lighting and scenic space plan.